Sustainable NFT Land Ownership



Total supply:100,000,000

Tax Buy/Sell:5% drop to 1%

Presale: 30%
Liquidity: 15.3%
CEX: 8%
Development: 6.7%
Marketing: 5%
Burned: 25%

Token distribution:

Wallet Balance:


Minecraft Land Rewards

By staking your $MINECRAFT tokens with us, you will be able to acquire different types of land plots ranging from picturesque ordinary grasslands and resource-rich mountains to the challenging End, based on the level of your stake. After a certain period, you will also earn additional token rewards, making your Minecraft journey even more exciting and personalized.

Level 1

Level 1 Grass

Min:10,000 $MINECRAFT

Lock 10 DAYS

Will Receive 103%

Level 2

Level 2 Iron Ore

Min:10,000 $MINECRAFT

Lock 15 DAYS

Will Receive 105%

Level 3

Level 3 Diamond Ore

Min:10,000 $MINECRAFT

Lock 30 DAYS

Will Receive 112%

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